Get Comfortable with Discomfort

Discomfort is my new obsession.

I feel it now in multiple areas of my life: living lean on freelancing, starting a new head coaching position, building a new community and being outgoing (as an introvert). I feel like a wild man careening down a mountain. It is intense, and I love it!

How else can one grow?

Discomfort is required for advancement. We cannot stretch the limits of what is possible without it. “Fatigue, discomfort, discouragement are merely symptoms of effort.” [Morgan Freeman]

Limits exist to how much discomfort one human being can handle. I am redlining those limits, but even a little discomfort goes a long way. Seek it in small doses initially to maintain a healthy balance.

If you fear discomfort, recast it as the result:

  • New skills
  • New possibilities
  • The dream you coming true
  • Achieving wealth (in the truest sense)

Perception is a powerful tool in turning obstacles to your advantage. Use it to embrace discomfort. Employ it long enough, and a valuable habit forms. Like the endorphin induced high after a great workout, you crave more.

As your comfort zone expands, the tolerance for discomfort increases. Invoking the Goldilocks Rule, what used to be too difficult is now… just right. Attacking the weakest parts of you was once viewed as impossible. Now it is attainable.

Stop hiding in the comfort zone. You must leave the nest to fly. There is awkwardness at first, but you will soon catch the wind and soar.

Discomfort is a small price to pay for initiating your great awakening.


What limits are you imposing on yourself to avoid discomfort?

How can you flip your perception from fear or loss to what you have to gain?

One Small Step:

Practice getting out of your comfort zone. Pick something small at first, like greeting someone you don’t know with a smile. Then keep doing it at regular intervals. Once you no longer feel discomfort, progress to saying something along with the smile. Progression is important when expanding your comfort zone!



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William Willis

William Willis

Professional Coach: I write about motivation through meaning, becoming who you aspire to be, improving a little each day and reaching high performance.