The Four Aspects of Purpose

Purpose is rooted in two competing forces: the desire to be happy and the practical need for survival.

Happiness and survival are often in conflict, the scale tipped in favor of one or the other. The quest for purpose is one seeking balance. Without it, life is but a long winter.

Spanish author and astrologer Andrés Zuzunaga represents purpose as four intersecting aspects of life in his Propósito framework. My contribution is the balance of forces and some guiding questions…

What brings you JOY (happiness):

  • Who is always a joy to be around?
  • What things do you create for the love of it?
  • What would you do today if all constraints were removed?

What you can PROVIDE (happiness):

  • What comes natural?
  • What are you good at?
  • Where is your knowledge and wisdom centered?

What other people NEED (survival):

  • In what areas do people seek your help?
  • What common problems might you be able to solve?
  • Are you watching and listening for where people struggle?

What you can EARN (survival):

  • Are people responding to any of your creations?
  • How can you translate your skills and unique perspective into a product or service?
  • What you offer need not be big and complicated. Simple works best.

As you work toward purpose and alignment of the four aspects, regrets from the past and fear of the future melt away. You are swept along in the flow of what is present.

Seek out your purpose by achieving balance. Live a longer, happier life.



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